So It Begins

Lets see…where do I begin? Way back in early `99 I started writing songs for a new album. As I was writing these songs I was also building my studio (Blue Alien Studio’s). Once I finished the basic tracks I decided to call two very talented musicians to help me out. First I called my friend Leo Valenzuela to play bass. Then I called Gregg Bissonette to play drums. Leo has played and recorded for many musicians like, Greg Walker and Jeff Kashawa just to name a few. Leo has a very tasteful style as well as an aggressive side witch you will hear on the new cd “So It Begins”. And if that’s not enough, he is a really cool guy too!! Gregg has recorded and toured with everyone from David Lee Roth and Joe Satriani to Anne Murray and Linda Ronstat. I couldn’t possibly say enough kind things about Gregg. He is one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you ever see Leo or Gregg’s name on an album, buy it I promise you wont be disappointed!
Track List